The Roots

Taesty’s recipes are Carolina inspired. Tae, the owner (hence TAEsty’s) was born in North Carolina, raised in the kitchen by grandma’s, mom, and everyone else who was willing to allow him to help.


Tae took a leap of faith and left his position as a GM of a restaurant. He took with him his knowledge and experience and invested it into his own vision, offering his southern roots to Central Ohio. After many roadblocks, rejections, and a lot of help from friends and family, Taesty’s Food Truck had its grand opening on July 31st, 2019.


After becoming very creative and sticking with the vision, Taesty’s survived through the tough times of COVID, mainly by visiting neighborhoods.


Through no easy task, Taesty’s grew from 1 food truck to a Carryout & Delivery location in Circleville, its home base. Later that summer, Food Truck #2 was built and hit the streets.

The Future

Taesty’s will be a part of the newest food hall in Grandview, OH, The Little Grand Market – opening in 2024!

Tae’s passion, optimism and grind has allowed him to pursue a dream and make it a reality. It’s been a journey, but he is not done yet!

What does it take to be a part of the Taesty’s Crew?


We will allow our consistent positivity to be the foundation of who we are and how we affect others.


We will commit to being 100% in ALL that we do. We will be consistent in this and never waver from producing our highest standard at ALL times.

Problem Solving (conflict resolution)

We will always continue to push forward and find immediate resolution for any issues. We will commit to approaching any problem (conflict) with the mind state of focusing 10% on the problem and 90% on the solution.


We will always strive for more and never let anyone or any other companies’ limitations hold us back from our journey.


We will always remain honest, genuine, and loyal no matter the circumstances.

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